Saturday, July 19, 2008


To fix my misalignment issues with the pic I decided to scrap the idea and mix a paint background I call "old book beige".

Amaya trouble

I've been trying to align background images of old book pages but the pages won't lock with the text. Subtle shifting keeps happening making it look awful!

The Darkest Knight

Chris and I joined a bunch of friends to see the latest installment of the cape crusader. Of course the visual effects were phenomenal and Heath Ledger, eerie as all get out. We figured we deserved a break from all the work we've been up to. I'm nearing completion of my final assignment. Given that it will be well into the 90's today I'm headed to the coffee shop to beat the heat infesting my apartment. Speaking of apartments, we looked at two apartments before the movie and are close to lining something up. I'll be so relieved to know where we'll be living. Wedding planning update - I received my shipment of doilies which means operation Martha Stewart paper lantern has begun. Armed with spray fixative I'm destined to greatness.

P.S. For all you comic/graphic novel lovers, the preview for Watchmen is amazing! Check it out!