Saturday, May 24, 2008

Down by One

This blogging requirement is proving to be tough for me. I didn't start the week with a plan of attack which means here we are on Saturday and I'm behind by one in the bottom of the eighth. I'll conquer this; watch out week three!

Ok. Time for some brief reflections.

After recovering from the size and sheer poundage of Discovering Computers, I've found the text a practical guide. The 'Ethics & Issues' blurbs are particularly thought provoking. Social networking sites are hot right now, really hot. Kids, teens and adults at the branch I work at are all obsessed with making their pages extensions of themselves. Some are truly awesome! I love to see the collaboration, to see the huge amounts of creativity they pour into making their pages great sensory experiences. Even their typing skills improve from all the messages they work on. Yet half the MySpace users at our branch are kids under the age of 14 which means they've lied about their age to set up a page. As a staff member I feel some responsibility to protect these children. I've done some presentations to share ways to protect themselves online but few choose to be careful. Some even post very provocative pics. Not to mention the increasing amount of Internet bullying.

More on these issues later.

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