Saturday, May 31, 2008

P.S. Weezer's new video rocks my socks!

While I love being able to secure train tickets online, technology seems inhibiting my communication skills. I'm constantly clarifying statements shared via gmail messaging or via texts. In fact my fiance sat me down this evening and declared he will not communicate through these channels anymore.

Aarg! Even the kids at the library have been complaining about the "cyber bullies" in their life.

In other news, I'm taking photos but of all the "wrong" stuff. I promised technology inspired photographic works, instead I've been entranced by the fragrant blossoms all around.

Tomorrow is officially assignment kick-butt day. I'm on a mission to check something off of our list. was previously annihilated, Connotea, watch out!

Oh, wanted to mention that the Free Library will be launching their summer reading program online this year. Pretty cool, right? Now you can use a resource, post a review, and fill out raffle tickets all from your comfy couch. The site will be up in two weeks. I'll be sure to add the link and offer some feedback. I'm wondering how user friendly it will really be. I also found out that one woman is in charge screening ALL user reviews. She also happens to be doing a lot of other things. This makes me wonder if reviews will really be posted. Not sure how this will unfold.

Catch of the Day: WEEZER
How many YouTube celebs can you spot?

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