Sunday, July 6, 2008

Contents of my Koha virtual bookshelf

The storyteller's start-up book/ MacDonald, Margaret Read.
Three-minute tales/ MacDonald, Margaret Read.
Mythology/ Hamilton, Edith.
More ready-to-tell tales from around the world.
The jungle books/ Kipling, Rudyard.
Moby-Dick, or, The whale/ Melville, Herman.
The portable Kipling/ Kipling, Rudyard.
Language and gender in the fairy tale tradition/ Levorato, Alessandra.
Chinnubbie and the owl/ Posey, Alexander Lawrence.
The World's great folktales.
African folktales.
The wonderful treasure horse.
Fantastic theater/ Sierra, Judy.
Earth care.
Peace tales.
Tell the world.
The round book.
Five-minute tales/ MacDonald, Margaret Read.
The true story of the Three Little Pigs/ Sciezka, Jon.
Quests & spells.
Beastly rhymes to read after dark/ Sierra, Judy.
The flannel board storytelling book/ Sierra, Judy.
The sea of gold, and other tales from Japan/ Uchida, Yoshiko.
The encyclopedia of Celtic mythology and folklore/ Monaghan, Patricia.
South American wonder tales/ Carpenter, Frances.

I have to say, I don't really understand what Koha is... Sure, I have a collection of cataloging information there but the actual book is not available. I'm still trying to understand the relevance.

In other news Chris and I gobbled up a lovely brunch at the Stone Barn (We'll also be having our wedding reception there). This was a much needed break from the chaos that has been my life in the past two weeks. I went from working round the clock at Teacher's Summer Institute to diving head first into more wedding planning, classwork, and physically exhausting summer reading outreach. I should really have a car for all the stuff I'm lugging around.

I'm off to learn "Puchika Churika", a traditional Siberian tale, for my story telling performance this week. Wish me luck. :)

Last night I converted yet another soul to and talked at length through the Google Apps Hacks text. My best friend is in the midst of a start up busines, Google's SaaS is empowering, not to mention Google Scholars simplification of her blogging addiction.

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