Thursday, July 24, 2008


i finished my last story telling assignment this evening. now the only thing standing in the way of finishing the semester is this darn html assignment. i'll get it done, i'm just grumbling at bit.

the power was out on our street for a few hours so no that i've got an internet connection again i can get back into it. i've made a new draft on google creator that i like much more than what i fashioned on amaya. unfortunately, i don't see the obvious way to save the code in google creator. i've got to keep working on it, i'm certain the solution will surface.

i'll be in germantown all morning at st. vincent's (summer reading outreach). then, off to see apartments in the pm. this weekend i'm challenging myself to finish the last bit of the html work and put my portfolio together.

i'm in a no cap mood.

good night!

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