Friday, May 29, 2009

Fiesta Friday

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places, hands down. Today I stopped in to pick up some cheese including Brie (for making tasty tarts) and Fontina. I can always count on TJ's to give me an excellent price for these specialty items. Trouble is, on my way to check out my compulsive curiosity often takes control! There are just too many unusual items. By the time I got out the door I had some extra things in my reusable bag including: figs, agave nectar, hearty brown rice blends, and sweet corn salsa (BEST CHOICE EVER :) - this ended up being the perfect complement to my black bean veggie burgers piled high with shredded white sharp cheddar and crisp lettuce on whole wheat buns. Fresh garden salads, rice-n-beans, and cold beers made the meal complete. TGIF!

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Samantha said...

Its been a year since you've posted too !